~English session~

Today, we had a small group.  The guests were TM Ya from

 Mishima TMC and Mr. Ka.

TM YS introduced the Word of the Day was impeccable which means perfect.  It can be used such as impeccable speech and impeccable manners.

The speech was “Star Tour” by TM NS.  One day, she visited Haneda Airpor

t to pick up her husband with her sister.  Since her husband’s airplane was late, they had extra time for an hour or 2 hours. They found Planetary Study Cafe in th

e airport.  The projection was delivered in English with Japanese captions.  It was interesting to know how to say stars’ names in English.  Haneda Airport is in a good location which is in the central of Tokyo.  The prices are not so high.  There is no limit to stay there.  She is confident that other people will have a good time.

Table Topics was performed by TM NS.

1.  Do you have any recommendations to take an experience?
TM YS answered.  As TM NS talked about Haneda airport, she came up with the same idea about airport tours.  She has seen tours on TV about Haneda tour or Narita tour.  They experience when they go to airport they simulate overseas tours because they are afraid of overseas such as go there first and go there next.  They cannot make a decision which airport they should go.  Can I go to Narita Airport or Haneda Airport?  That’s why a tour company came up with this tour.  That kind of tour is very popular now.

2.  If you have time to go abroad, which country or which place would you choose?
Mr. Ka answered.  He recommended New York.  He likes cities and lived there.  There were crazy taxi drivers in 1970 but things are getting better.

 3.  Could you give me an episode about souvenirs?
TM Mi answered.  Her father often went abroad and brought amenities from hotels.  Only one time, he bought souvenirs for her brother and herself.  Her brother received a Swiss knife but she only received a small bag with some characters.  It was not so good one and she was very disappointed.   

4.  Which drink do you like?  Why do you like that drink?
TM Ya from Mishima TMC answered.  She likes coco very much.  Coco is a chocolate drink.  When she was a high school student, eve

ry day, she drank coco in a train after school.    She asked if we had ever ridden Izu Hakone train.  She sat in a box seat with reading a lot of books while drinking coco.  Coco is delicious in very hot summer. She recommended drinking coco to everybody.

The evaluator of the speech was TM Ao.  First, the speech was well organized because it went on chronologically.  Second, she used well-known proper nouns and numbers.  The model of Haneda Airport is Nihonbashi.  The cafe is organized by Pronto and she waited for 1 hour or 2 hours.  They made us to imagine easily.  He had two suggestions for her.  He recommended her to use more clear body language and vocal variety.  For example, “Wow!  What an interesting place!”  The names of stars were difficult to understand.  Documents and power points should be prepared.  If she uses a projector, people will understand better.  Anyway, she is a good storyteller and he recommended her to keep studying more.

The general evaluator was TM Ya.  Word of the Day was nice.  It is not a familiar word but the meaning is clear and it is easy to use.  Table topics were nice.  We had variety of answers.  The evaluation was organized.  His explanation was structured because he explained reasons.  TM NS had triple roles.  We should distribute roles for each member.


ベストスピーカー:Hさん 『背中ピン!』




~English session~

Next, We moved on to the prepared speech session. We had two prepared speakers.

The first speaker was TM KM. Competent communication Manual project No. 5, “Your body speaks”. The title was “Tall tale speech, Say ‘Nice in”‘.
This story was very funny. An average salaried employee became an excellent golf player and participated in a prestigious golf tournament. The golf ball he hit flied far away and disappeared, but went around the earth and entered the hole. “”Nice In”” He showed these exaggerated story was a tall tale speech.  ”

The second speaker was TM SN. Advanced Manual “The Entertaining Speaker” project No.5 – “Speaking After Dinner”. The title was ”Working with foreign young scientists”
His speech consisted of several stories for young scientists he looked after in Japan. Each story was very funny and fun.  A female scientist was surprised at a big cockroach and gave him phone called for help. Another scientist was very beautiful and has a lazy partner. She divorced him and had tattoos of Chinese characters which he taught her in her back. He regretted that she would have got tatoos if he had not taught Chinese characters. ”

The next session was Table Topics which was conducted by TM NH.
She made nice choices of topics worthy of this season. 
She gave three following topics.
1) What is your plan in the Golden Week? TM YN was appointed and made a speech.
2) What do you present on Mother’s day. TM KM was appointed and made a speech.
3)Tell us your interesting teacher. TM SY was appointed and made a speech.
Three all speakers ended their speech within the time limit.

The next session was the evaluation session. The evaluation session was conducted by TM NS.
The evaluation for TM KM was made by TM TT and the evaluation for TM SN was made by RS
They evaluated the prepared speakers so that the speakers could be improved and motivated
The general evaluator asked grammarian, ah counter and WOD for reports and evaluated all things for the English session.



最近絶好調、安定感抜群、毎回メンバーを一つの線にするTMOM  Y美さんです。

スピーチ#2 電車が好き
N村さんのスピーチ、以外にも電車が好き・・・・・ 体格とのギャップに聴衆は驚いて、N村さんの好きな電車のスピーチに引き込まれ、 熱いスピーチで聴衆は熱さに圧倒されました。

スピーチ#3 食べ物にもっと感謝を!
H井さんは家から出てる食材を使いきれていない・・・・ 近くの食材から食べる機会を増やし○いきょうを使おう。 シンプルな食事、食生活、使い切る、→ 食べ物に幸せを感じる事が出来る。 H井さんの性格が見えて、お子様とコンビの素敵なスピーチでした

スピーチ#4 バトン

①    新生活の思い出
A木さん 学生時代のエピソードを話して頂き、にやにや雰囲気を出せば話してもらいやすく友人も出来るかも。

②    おすすめのお花見
Y山さんのお花見スポットを披露して頂きました。 お花見スポットの知識があり、周りは質問してみようかなって?雰囲気に

③    卒業旅行の思い出




本日で長年サザンを支えて頂いたO江さんが卒業されます・・・・次のステージでも頑張ってください! 今までありがとうございました。 次に会う時は、私達はO江さんに成長した姿を見て頂きたいと思います。

【English session】

Today’s word from Kawaragi-san is sky.
 TM N Speech “Do you believe that?”
 Message to confirm information on your own.
 I quoted a speech at the University of Tokyo and talked about the confusion of our company, which occurred because the American presidential cards tweeted.
TM Noriko introduced a speech provided by Mr.Ishii for the graduation ceremony of Tokyo University.  She talked about a trouble caused by President Trump’s twitter as well.  Her suggestion was to verify the information by your self, not to believe copied and pasted information without checking.
 Today’s table topics is TM H
 What’s your most memorable family dish to you ?
Please tell me the best season you like.
What would you do if only you in the world had 25 hours a day?
How would you use the special one hour?
 Everyone was a smooth answer.
 The way of the table topics was innovative.
 I concluded with TM N stability commentary.