The meeting started from the English session. Toastmasters of morning was served by TM MM. She performed the MC role smoothly. Her voice was clear and loud enough, so that was very good.

The word of the Day was “Anniversary”, given by TM SY. It might be difficult for the
members to use during speeches. But, three members used this word.

Timer, grammarian, ah counter, vote counter, and meeting reporter were served by TMs EY, NS, NH, SA, and SN, respectively.
In the prepared speech session, the first speaker was TM KF. He is a new member and it
was his debut speech in this club. The manual was Pathway, [Ice Breaking]. The purpose
of this project is to introduce yourself to club members. The speech duration was 4-6 min.
The title was “My history”. In the speech, he explained why he got a national qualification for the guide to foreign tourist as called “tour guide interpreter”. As a child, a neighbor whom he called as “Oji-i-san” often spoke to him in English, then he had an interest to speak English and seeing outside Japan in future. When he was staying in London for work, he traveled many European countries and he had a motivation to be a tour guide through these experiences. Before the meeting, he told us that he was getting nevus, but in fact his speech delivery was very good. We knew his background and his character very well.
The second speaker was TM AH. His manual was an advanced communication, No. 5, [Speaking After Dinner]. The speech duration was 8-10 min. The purpose of this project is
to prepare an entertaining after dinner talk on a specific theme and the talk using the skills developed in the preceding projects. The title of his speech was “Saying thank you”. At the introduction, he mentioned that his father was very strict to him as a child, he taught him two things.
The 1 st one is appreciation and thankful to others and 2nd one is never blame other people. Until very recently, he could not understand his father’s taught, especially when he was single. Recently, he has got married with a Japanese lady. The main story was about his marriage life, and how the marriage life changed him. He told several episodes that he had to change as a person. In the latter part, he sprinkled a lot of appreciative words and love to wife (she gave him a lot of happiness). His wife often says “Arigatoh” to him and he learned from her the importance to express “thankfulness to others”. He then concluded that he could understand his father’s taught very recently. That was very
touching speech.

Next was the table topics session. Assigned members have to give an impromptu speech
longer than one min shorter than 2 min and 30 sec. This session is very useful to train
impromptu speeches. Today’s master was TM NH. She gave us four different topics related to summer.

1) Your favorite food in summer;

2) your plan for summer vacation;

3) your method to deal with heatstroke;

4) Your evacuation plan from natural disasters.

TM NH chose timely topics and I am sure that the speakers and members enjoyed this session.
Next was the evaluation session. The general evaluator was served by TM TA. He introduced the importance of evaluation at the beginning.

The 1 st evaluator was TM CT and evaluated TM KF’s ice breaking speech. She raised several good points of his speech; clear, simple and easy to follow to understand what he is like as a person. She also raised a point for improvement; speech with a happier face. That was a good evaluation.
The 2 nd evaluator was TM YO. She evaluated TM AH’s speech. She raised several good points in his speech; how to raise as a human being, so it was attractive enough to grasp the audience’s attention. She also raised the points for improvement; if he could have added the vocal variety technique the speech would have been more attractive. It was very good advice.

TM TA summarized the English session in a good way as an experienced Toastmasters
member. I would like to emphasize one thing about the table topics session. In the table
topic session, we can speak 2 min and 30 sec. Many of them did not use the allotted time fully. This is a good opportunity to practice impromptu speech. Hi, everyone, let’s try to make longer speech. In the table topic session, we do not need to tell exactly only what we experienced or the truth, but we can tell the related topics or experiences. For example, when you are asked what your favorite food in summer is, if you cannot find the right answer based on your own experience, you cannot tell my favorite summer food, but my favorite winter food is something because…. You can tell something like that and make your speech longer.












今回は、英語に続き、日本語のテーブルトピックも実施。テーブルトピックスマスターは、Mr. TMCともいわれるA木さん、