#86th Meeting Report

The 86th regular meeting started on time. Club President T.Na made a fine greeting connected to Today’ weather which would be getting better. This topic effectively wormed up minds of all participants. Today’s guest was TM S.Mi who was invited from Kanagawa TMC. He was going to surprise the participants at his prepared speech.

Today’s meeting was scheduled to start from a Japanese session, but President T.Na smartly changed the procedure to start from an English session because Japanese prepared speaker, TM K.Gu had to temporarily leave the meeting. Her great leadership helped us make smooth meeting progress.

Today’s TMOM (Toastmaster of the morning) was TM T.Da His TMOM was the second challenge. President T.Na welcomed him with a winsome smile. He started to successfully conduct the English session with WOD (Word of the Day).

A role taker of Today’s WOD was TM T.Na, who selected the word “tremendous”, saying it has two meanings, huge”, and “excellent“.

The next was role introduction.

Timer                             : TM H.Ta,

Grammarian and Ah counter: TM O.Ga

Vote counter                       :, TM I.Ka

Meeting Reporter in English:TM M.Ga

Although they had to hastily explain their roles in English due to the procedure change in language, they all explained their roles calmly and understandably. Some explanations were fairly confused, but TM M.Ta and TM A.Ki warningly and quickly helped them.


The next was Prepared Speech Session. We had two speeches in English.


The first prepared speaker was TM M.Ta, who was the second challenge. Her speech was CC #2, “Organize Your Speech”. Its title was “My Mentor for Life”

TM M.Ta talked about two advises from the teacher which strongly impressed her. She initially introduced her female piano teacher as her mentor for life. When TM M.Ta was distressed as well as she was well going, the piano teacher has always advised her very kindly. Then, she was encouraged and relieved each time.

One is “Don’t chase the perfect” TM M.Ta tends to think her achievement is not good enough for everything. The teacher advised her saying “Always not good enough is usual things, now you are nice, don’t need to worry about many things.”

The second advise is “You did it is important.”, “Don’t think about others.” TM M.Ta tried to play a difficult piano song of Chopin, but she had not performed better like the teacher.

The teacher advised the “Why do you care about others?” That is not important.” and ”That is a small thing.” She finalized her speech with respecting the teacher, saying if her friends had problems she would want to advise her friends like the teacher with her two advices.

Her speech was a great success and full of humors and positive sense. I feel that she has a lot of latent skills and look forward to her next speech.


The second prepared speaker was TM H.No. AC manual “Interpretive Reading”, Project # 4, “The Play”. Title is “Urashima and the Sea Princess”.

TM H.No selected this fairy tale that is very famous in Japan. This scenario is a piece that was produced in 1971 by teacher Akiko Sano at a cultural festival of a junior high school in the mountain village in Niigata Prefecture. She talked about the background of the play that it is a straight dramatization of “Taro Urashima” but you can easily read problem consciousness at the back that students in the mountain village entertain, “Should I go to the city or stay in the countryside to take care of my parents?” She read the story.

The story was well known, but I thought that most members could remember the fancy story and look back their own childhood. I also thought that this nurse story certainly reflects the sentiment of junior high school students who live in rural areas. Then, her choice not only enjoyed me, but also got me their thoughts and was really wonderful.


The next was Table Topics session. The TT Master was TM T.Da

His topics were related to summer homework on school days referring to anime characters such as Chibimaruko-Chan It was seasonal one and very fun.

The first question was “When you were a student did you finish your summer homework early or didn’t you finish it by the end of summer vacation?” TM I.Da was appointed. She talked about the last day of her summer vacation in her first year in elementary school, when she tackled the homework throughout the night.


The second question was “What is the summer science research project you want to do now?”

TM Y.Zawa answered the method of collecting and glowing cockroach and making transparent fish precisely and humorously.

The third question was “Make an excuse for failure of summer homework to the teacher saying that you forgot your summer homework.” TM NPL answered that his parents took him sightseeing although he was supposed to do his homework.

Every speech was unique and tremendously humorous. I think that this success was thanks to the seasonal questions familiar to everyone.

The Best Table Topics was TM I.Da.


The next was evaluation session.

The evaluator for TM M.Ta was TM Ab. He made an evaluation vey kindly using brilliant ward such as congratulations, splendid, audience friendly, Nanka-Arisou. Especially, he reminded audience of her previous speech. He recommended her to use pose that is not just, but pregnant one. His evaluation must encourage her.

The evaluator for TM H.No was TM A.Ki. He praised his impression of her wonderful speech as saying I felt nostalgia. He pointed out three good points such as easy to understand, good speed. I addition, he advises two points: changing voices for each character and using action. I feel she has rapidly improved her speech skills. She must learn a lot with each speech.

The final session in English session was General Evaluation.

Each supports reported smoothly. The word of the Day, tremendous was used for 3 times

TM O.Ga achieved good challenge as Grammarian and Ah counter for the first time.

General evaluator was TM H.Ga. He praised many members, TMOM TM T.Da, Timer TM H.Ta, and Evaluator TM Ab, TM A.Ki and President TM T.Be, saying “Nice!, Nice!, Nice!” one after another with each short comments. His evaluations encouraged many role takers. Especially, he stressed the VPE was TM M.Da because she noticed and helped members to resolve the contradiction smoothly.

Today’s meeting was “Nice meeting!

(Meeting Reporter: TM M.Ga)

A bonus photo of TM Shimizu’s akb dance: