87th Meeting Report Eng

87th meeting @ Chigasaki Bunka-kaikan.

Note the names are not the actual names to protect the identities of meeting attendants.

This time we had a humor speech club contest.
And 6 incredible speakers made really laughing speech.

1. TM. Kaw “My experience to grow up.”
TM. Kaw has enough grown up to be a nice lady.
But, she is questioning about her own spirit.
She thinks she still may have childish mind.

She told us about her secret mission when she was elementary school.
During her 4th grade class students have been growing up potatoes near their school.
She had been dreaming to harvesting and taking them to her home at autumn season.
The potatoes ware special to her. They looked like jewel or treasure.
And the time had come.
But true story was cruel to her.
The teachers told the students “After harvesting the potatoes, put them into these cardboards. And do not to bring them home”
When she heard the instruction, she was really disappointed.
But she decided to get them secretly. And finally she came up with an idea.
She carefully acted and then…

Is she still such child?
She thinks that she has still child spirit.
And she is growing up step by step.

2. TM. Miyag “Giri-Giri”
“Giri-Giri” is well-used Japanese spoken language which means “almost too late”
Some of audiences feel sympathy to this word.
Even we keep in mind to have enough time to prepare, we sometimes encounter “Giri-Giri” situation.
TM. Miyag encountered a “Giri-Giri” situation when he was taking an airplane.
He had to take an airplane and he decided to take a train to get to the airport.
But train interval time was 30 minutes, so once he missed a train he would miss a plane.
He had asked his daughter to take me to the station beforehand.
The next day he could wake up on time and finished the preparation.
So he started to check e-mail.
When leaving time came he noticed his daughter didn’t wake up.
He was panicked!
He woke her up and they rushed into the car.
He wished she could drive to the station smoothly and quickly.
But due to her less experience of driving she drove very slowly.
They arrived at the station just before 30 seconds of train departure time.
He ran and jumped up the stairs in the station and …

3. TM. Mat “Tri”
TM. Mat is well-experienced speaker.
The audience expected she would give well prepared and very laughing speech.
But she let us down; she didn’t prepare any draft for this contest.
She showed us the evidence.
Her speech notebook filled with completely white space.
Then she remembered a TM executive saying.
“Talk same thing three times.”
OK, she came up with an idea to talk same humor topic three times.
Well, three, No 3, this number is familiar number with her.
The prefix that means the three is “Tri”…
So, now she decided to forget about humor contest and talk about her favorite “tri-athlon” training story.

Triathlon consists of three parts “swimming”, “cycling” and “running”.
She is confident of cycling and running.
But she was nervous about “swimming”.
So, she started to train at a 25m pool.
She began to practice kicking using floating board at 5m line.
Then she realized the 5m lope above her head was going apart from her and the 5m line written on the bottom of pool was also moving away.
This indicated she was moving backward.
Why? She thought.
Because the water was circulated and very weak current movement pushed her body backward.
She was enough weak to swim.
Therefore she is struggling with swimming.

She did really good job. Her speech was not for humor speech? But it was enough laughing for us.

4. TM. Ish “The best ant-aging medicine”
TM. Ish is struggling with aging.
She often recognizes the sign of aging when she encounters memory loss such as ID number, PIN code.

She told us memory loss story as a class teacher.
She did some misspelling the “ant” to “aunt”. And she explained the both spelling “ant” and “aunt” using picture-card with very lovely figures.
And she sang a song which phrases begin with “ ’Ari’..no mama ni (ありのままに)” it means ant in Japanese.  She rhymed very effectively.
Anyway she was defeated by such kind of mistakes.
But then she came up with a word. If ‘ant’ is used as prefix and adds the word “aging”, it becomes an attracting word “anti-aging”
It is most effective “Anti-Aging medicine” making Toast Master laughing speech and giving speech for the contests like this speech.

So, joining our Toast Master activities are one of the reasons to keep brain healthy.
I totally agree with her idea.

5. TM. Miyat “My small dream comes true”
“What’s your dream?” TV programs, teachers and some friends often ask this kind of questions.
How did you answer to this question? You would answer to become a teacher, an astronauts or to eat something delicious or etc…
TM. Miyat’s answer differs from our expectation.
“Flying Kate” was her small dream.
She told us very lovely effort to fly kites.
She couldn’t afford to pay large budgets, so she decided to buy 2 kites at 100-yen shop.
She felt a shame to play it with herself so she negotiated with 10-year-old her younger sister.
And they tried flying kites. One was succeeded but another was failed. She attempted many ways running very fast or relocating the gravity point changing styles… All of efforts ended in vain. But they enjoyed very much.

It’s very lovely and heartwarming story.

6. TM. Miyam “I can’t remember his name.”
TM. Miyam story was well prepared story.
He likes surprising ending story like mystery.

His story started at an izakaya.
He was suddenly spoken by a stranger friendly, and mysteriously the stranger seemed to know him very well.
But, he couldn’t remember who the stranger was. He managed to recall his name.
Was he my coworkers, a kendo club member, Toast Masters club member or a local festival assistant member?
When he was sleeping he came up with one possibility that he was his doppelganger.
And he recalled the legend, if people see own doppelganger, his/her death is approaching. Hence he was so feared.
However his fear was dramatically clear when he took a phone.

His story’s conclusion was really astonishing for all of the audience.

7. TM.Nak “Hey, Mister”
His desire is very simple and basic “Hunger”, “Sleep”, “Toilet”.
He claims meals whenever he feels hunger.
Therefore TM.Nak nicknamed him “Mr. Hungry”.
After eating or drinking he falls asleep suddenly.
So, she sings for him lullaby to be in sleep comfortable.
Lalala lalala…
But sometimes even she cradles him she feels sleepy herself for her own lullaby.
To avoid falling asleep as well she nicknamed him “Mr. Jugemu”.
It comes from the Japanese famous comic storytelling about naming very long name for a child.
So she can use the nickname as a lullaby “Jugemu Jugemu Goko-no….”
His pooh is sometimes stuck in his bowel.
To avoid constipation she massages his stomach with praying voice “Come-on pooh, Come on Please!” Since then she nicknamed him “Mr. pooh”.

Her speech conveys us full of love to her baby and of course a lot of laugh.
And she hopes her baby will grow up a humor man.

Congratulations for his 1-year-old birthday.

TM. Tak interviewed individual speakers. It was also laughing interview and many of the speakers struggled to make humor speech. However all of our Southern Beach Toastmasters Club contestants were incredible. We all enjoyed every speech. And congratulations the winners. We hope you will be able to give speech successfully in next upper contest.