83rd Southern Beach regular meeting was held at Chigasaki shimin bunka kaikan.

The meeting started with greetings from our new club president, TM CT.
She introduced “Hamaorisai (浜降祭)”, Chigasaki’s famous summer festival on July 21st.
Over 30 mikoshi (portable shrine) dive into the sea on Southern Beach at the break of dawn.

we found the president was little bit nervous even though the president
for her first greetings in English

Today’s toastmaster of the morning is “Iron toastmaster in the world”, TM Keith.
He started topic of the weather. Rainy season are not good for outdoor activity but we can focus on toastmasters’ activity!
And he will visit Okinawa as area 65 governor from tomorrow. Iron toastmaster is very busy for the toastmasters’ activity.

Word of the day by TM NH, She selected the word “ambition”.

Role introduction
Timer: TM KM
Grammarian & Ah counter: TM MN
Vote counter: TM YM
Meeting reporter: TM KT

Each role takers made well prepared role explanation.

Prepared speech#1 CC#1 Ice breaker by TM KI
Speech title is “Not a stranger”.
He introduced himself to us according to Toastmasters’ speech manual CC#1.
He is Japanese but he raised abroad in his childhood. He moved Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, and Japan.
We could understand why his English is so fluent, and also really understood the meaning of the speech title “Not a stranger”.
You are not a stranger, you are club member of Southern Beach TMC!

Prepared speech#2 CC#8 Get comfortable with Visual aids by TM DN
Speech title is “Practical Communication”.
He suddenly divided three groups into members and gave us origami for each of us.
And he ordered us to close our eyes and continued talking.
Fold the origami in half, fold it in half again, and tear off the right below corner with our eyes closed.
Open the origami and show it each other, then we could see different types of origami.
What can we learn from this practice?
We get quite different result even if the order is same. Communication is so difficult and important.
Finally he requested to give impressions about the result from three groups.
All members were involved in his practical speech and were able to feel difficulty of communication.

Quote of the day by TM AM. He selected the quote “Where there is a will, there is a way.”.
If someone wants or wills something strongly enough, a way can be found to make it happen.
20 years ago, his English didn’t get through to the staff of McDonald’s in the U.S.
Through this experience, he studied English harder than before.
And he do remember this quote over and over again.

Evaluation session was lead by TM RI. She explained the evaluation system in toastmasters briefly.
We have no teacher, but we are all teacher. We give feedback each other, then we can learn and grow up.

TM CT for Prepared speech#1
She picked up strong points of his speech.
– Easy to follow his speech because of chronological order
– Speech title is impressive
And she cheered him up to explain the room for improvement.
– Tried to inform a lot, then spoke fast.
– If focus on a few interesting points, volume is smaller. Then you can speak slowly.
Her advice might be very useful and practical as usual.

TM EY for Prepared speech#2
He challenged his first time evaluation.
First he mentioned that he was surprised at TM DN’s speech by using origami performance.
His speech followed the speech objectives, and visual aid “origami” was effectively to understand difficulty of communication.
And he pointed out the room for improvement.
He wanted to know how to improve the problem of communication.
That’s a good point! I really agreed with him.
He was a little nervous but finished wonderful evaluation at last!

Followed by TM EY’s first evaluation, TM RI started general evaluation.
In fact, TM RI also challenged her first general evaluation.
She looked back the meeting and she was praised for the president greetings, TMOM, role takers and evaluators.
She was sticking to the basic general evaluation way, then it was very natural. So we didn’t believe this was the first time for her!

English session ended. After taking break time, Japanese session continued.

–ENG session by courtesy of TM Tsu

 ICE Breakは大成功でした。
 「最近人間関係でストレスを抱えていまして・・」という大変 正直なONさんの誠実な人柄が出ているスピーチだったと思います。
 ONさんが人間関係でダークの部分をもろに受け、色々悩まれ、そこから気づいた 点や新たな発見など、たいへん印象深い、聴き手も一緒に考えていこうするスピーチの構成力は圧巻で、私は最後までONさんのスピーチには注意力が途切れることがありませんでした。
–日本語セッション レポーター TM Miyamo