79th meeting report English part (2014/06/07)

79 th regular meeting @ Chigasaki Bunka-kaikan (Meeting reporter TM Mat.)

Note the names are not the actual names to protect the identities of meeting attendants.

Despite the rain and wind we had over 20 members and guests attending the meeting.

The meeting started with warm greetings from our club president, TM Miy. Now that we had entered the rainy season, TM M introduced us to some trivia on rainy season. The earliest rainy season in recent decades was MAY 22, and the latest JUN 22.

This made me wonder what it was like to have the rainy season starting in the end of MAY!! May is such a lovely season to enjoy the green leaves spreading out and the change is magnificent.  I would certainly miss my cycling rides in the rapidly growing forests during that period if it was raining!

2. Induction ceremony
We had the privilege to hold induction ceremony to TM Mak. He chose our club after visiting two other Toastmasters Clubs. I love his motto “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Also a music lover, I see him as a formidable new team member who is on his way to achieving his goals.

3. Education session
Lead by today’s toastmaster of the morning TM Ya.

His preparation for the meeting was superb. I always admire our TMOMs for the time and energy they put into the preparation ahead of the actual meetings. Thank you so much for your hard work! Everyone was able to sit back and relax during the meeting thanks to TM Y’s welcoming and humorous lead throughout the meeting.

  1. Word of the day by TM Hir“CongratuLationS”I’m a big fan of TM Hir, especially the way she strives to empower our club. This time, she mentioned that we often use the term “Congratulations” in situations that are not exactly appropriate. She also pointed out that we need to have the “s” at the end and it is not congratuRations, it is “congratuLations”.“R”s and “L”s are always difficult for most of us Japanese to pronounce.

    So we all practiced the pronunciation of the word for one time lead by TM Hir.

  2. Role introduction
    1. Timer: TM Hat
    2. Grammarian TM Miyam
    3. Ah counter TM Ao
    4. Vote counter TM Ko
    5. Meeting reporter TM Mats

    Concise but to the point explanations from each role takers.

  3. Prepared speeches#1 Welcome to Islam: TM YoTM Yo, a global traveller, showed us a glimpse of the Islamic world by sharing us his experience in Morocco and Pakistan. His speech message, which I received, was:- GET RID OF YOUR MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT ISLAM and MUSLIMS!

    – Islam is about peace and obedience.

    – People in the Islamic world are friendly and peaceful. They are same human beings.

    – Please reconsider your negative preconceptions about the Muslim world or Muslims.

    His vivid illustration of the heart-warming conversations he had with the locals in Morocco and Pakistan with body language and vocal variety certainly helped me get connected with his speech and understand his thought better.

    Listening to his speech, it struck me that nothing is more convincing than one’s own experience. His speech was powerful because it was based on his own experience.

    I had heard and seen pictures of the actual valley in the middle east, which became the model of Nausica’s Valley of Wind. I was imagining the magnificent landscape of the actual valley as I listened to TM Yo’s experience in Pakistan.

    #2 Education x Technology: TM N

    TM N, who is beginning to come back to TM activities from her maternity leave gave a speech about virtual TM meeting.

    With the modern day technology, it is not impossible to have a virtual on-line TM meeting with participants from across the globe.

    By comparing current and past situation with the future situation of education/ TMC meetings, she explored the possibilities that the development of technology could bring to our lives. As a conclusion, she pointed out that such interactive opportunities would bring one another closer.

    I loved the idea to use the gavel to show the audience what it would be like to hold such virtual TM meeting.

    She used the white board effectively to compare the current/past situation with limitation on the physical location vs future situation with the aid of IT.

    Come to think of it, it is really not that special anymore to have someone on the globe speak to someone on the opposite side of the globe. The tweets and remarks on social media are instantly shared across the globe. It really doesn’t matter where you are physically so long as you have internet access to the appropriate sites.  The kidnapping of Nigerian girls by rebel groups recently has triggered a reaction from other parts of the world. This is a phenomenon that clearly illustrates her point. The connectivity that the internet has brought us turned the world even more mentally smaller.

  4. Table topics: TM TanQ1 Share us your experience related to exams.The question came because there was a Chinese character exam (漢検) on-going in the same building where we were holding our meeting.A1:TM Mat (The English reporter myself!)

    I talked about the BIG entrance exam for university. I ended up straying away from the initial topic and talking about the time and schedule management that I apply today for my sporting events (races) and other special occasions,  which, come to think of it, started when I prepared myself for that big entrance exam.

    Q2 If you got an e-mail message from our club president asking you about your dream, how would you reply?

    A2: Guest Mr. I (second time visitor)

    He shared with us that his child was born only three months ago and he wishes to build a happy family.

    Mr. I, thank you for your contribution to our club meeting!!

  5. Evaluation
    1. TM Ish for speech#1 (TM Yon)TM Ish felt his speech convincing because it was based on his own experience.She also felt that TM Yon’s soft way of speaking was appropriate to the occasion considering the theme of his speech.Her evaluation is always stable and convincing. I hope I can be like her when I do my evaluations.
    2. TM Miy for speech#2 (TM Nak)TM Miy pointed out the effectiveness of comparing current/past vs future on the white board.He also was impressed with the theme or her argument itself.I was impressed with his delivery this time.  It struck me today, seeing his delivery this time, his English has come quite a way!
  6. General evaluation TM Tak
    1. Timer TM Hat: She has fulfilled her role as a timer. I hope she is getting used to the role of timer as she gains experience. The General evaluator pointed out that it might be better if she could hold the sign cards (green, yellow and red cards) higher so that the speaker could recognise it better.
    2. Grammarian’s report: TM Miy: He spelled out so many beautiful/impressive words and phrases. He also pointed out some misuse with correct way to put it.I loved the way he looked around even to the back side of his seat because there were people sitting behind him when he was reporting. And the smile on his face was great.
    3. Ah counter: TM Ao: He gave us concise but to the point report. He is such a reliable person when it comes to role taking in our club!!
    4. Word of the Day report: TM Hir. There were several use of “congratulations” and “congratulate”. TM Hir, thank you for picking the right word for the meeting!