78th meeting report (2014/05/31)

Word of the Day in English
By E.Y.-san

He mentioned A.Y.-san(Mizonokuchi TMC) won the second
praise and her speech’s title.

For example,If you miss the train, Due to waking up late.
You can say I should’ve waked up earlier. I could catch the train.

I should’ve practiced the speech more further,I could be a good speaker.

Today’s word of the day is very useful word!

Prepared speech
Title:Unwanted Bicycles in Needs
Showing the eye-catching photo of the bicycles of illegal parked on street
helps the audience most attention.
Last year,38 millions abandoned bicycles only moved from the street by local governments.
About the half returned to the owners.
1/4 threw away and scraped as the garbage.
About 13% were given to bicycle shops and recycling.
The rest sent to the developing country.
For example in one village Zambia,the utility of these bicycles are ambulance.
How amazing!
No bus and no cars in this area, the bicycle is only the way to go to the hospital and to save the people.
Donation is very useful way,because of huge cost of transportation to the bicycles.
The government asked to do some publicity in the activities to let people know more about these facts!
Now is the time for us to stop our throw away habits.
Think globally and act locally has become a birth bird recent year.
Think about the existence of people who are facing the deep or die situation.

R.I.-san’s speech is very insightful and food for thought.
I’m very fascinated with her ‘Think globally and act locally’ idea.
Actually I’m fanatic about R.I.-san’s speech.
Because her English accent is very clear and sophisticated expression without the memo.
Thank you for the brilliant speech!

A.Y.-san(Mizonokuchi TMC)
I’m very impressed with her facial expression and clear vocal varieties.
I’ve learned a lot from her evaluation.
Thank you for a wonderful evaluation.

Kirakira in Japanese translated into glittering is very nice.
The objective of summer is that the objective you could achieve in summer.
She pointed out the difference between garbage and trash.
R.I.-san is the right expression.